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Digital marketing for medical practices

You probably know it, but the distribution of medical practices in France is a complex subject. We speak in some areas of medical deserts, while in some big cities, there is sometimes a very high concentration of medical offices in an unnecessary way .... We also often speak of heliotropism in this matter, because the sun always has attracted gatherings of populations in certain geographical areas, which caused significant imbalances in the geographical distribution of doctors in France ... In short, it is a complex subject. It is also mistakenly believed that medical practices do not necessarily need marketing or digital given the specificity of their profession. But this is not true, every practitioner deserves to have a website in order to highlight their specialties, services and medical expertise and also to facilitate the choice of future patients.

Either way, you may be the head of a medical practice and you may be wondering -being to do digital marketing for your firm?

Know that it is very interesting for a medical practice to do a minimum of digital marketing , especially today Today, websites dedicated to medical activities are booming. However, it is true that a large proportion of practitioners do not yet have their own website. However, there is a strong awareness of the value of being present on the web. The Covid crisis has also been an accelerator and pushed customers to go more online ...

There are many websites online for dental surgeons, sophrologists, cosmetic surgeons, etc. Certain professions are indeed more sought after than others on the internet. More and more websites of: chiropodist, osteopath, stomatologist, gynecologist are also starting to appear on the web ... It is therefore important to be online, and as for restaurants, medical practitioners benefit from a star system. Internet users can therefore leave opinions positive or negative in a public manner, which gives credibility to good practitioners ...

Medical practitioner: your online image matters

You thought it didn't matter? Well, you were wrong. Certainly for certain medical professions such as ophthalmologists in big cities like Paris, it is sometimes necessary to wait several months in order to have an appointment. In this case, this is an exception where patients will have no choice but to take the first one available. But for other professions, for example: dentists, it is interesting to be able to know more about your dental surgeon. Especially when you know that there have already been bad practitioners in the profession ... Offer visibility on your persona , on your services and your journey can reassure future patients who then have a wide range of choices ... and this is what can sometimes tip the scales in your favor.


But then, should you create a website for your medical practice or register only on Doctolib?

It is true that the Doctolib website has turned the digital ecosystem of the medical world upside down. Most Internet users would like to be able to find their practitioners on the famous website to save time, especially when you think that you sometimes have to wait several months to be able to consult an ophthalmologist ... You must therefore be able to book your appointment in line as quickly as possible. However, registering your practice on a site like Doctolib costs money monthly and you can in theory pay less by launching your own website with your own online booking.

Having your own website therefore has many advantages ...

Indeed, the website of the practitioner and the page contact in particular can become a real channel of communication between the patient and the doctor. For example, imagine that you forgot to ask your doctor a question: aren't you going to book an appointment just for a question? You would prefer to be able to send an email and have the answer within the day. So the patient-doctor relationship is in full digitalization and this digitalization process is likely to continue to develop in the coming years. We are really talking these days about the transformation of the patient-client relationship through digital ... Digital could, for example, make it possible to send an automatic reminder (automatic email) to your patients once a year to remind them that the last visit medical date already dated, and it is therefore time to come back for a new consultation. This could help prevent many medical problems. Digital can therefore really contribute to the health of patients and sometimes prevent serious health problems.


Our digital agency advices for medical offices

Finally, you may not necessarily have the time to set up a website and set up sets up a complex referencing strategy for your medical practice. In this case, we recommend that you at least list your firm on Google Maps using Google My Business : this will ensure a minimum of visibility. In this context, our digital agency can help you create and optimize the Google Maps file, in particular with our 360 ° virtual photo service which will allow you to make your file as optimal as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact our agency if you have any questions or if you would like your free quote.

Podcast Digital marketing for medical offices

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The cardiologist asks the patient about his lifestyle and his medical and family history. He performs cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, measures blood pressure. The more risk factors, the more thorough the examination. Cardiologists take care of cardiac pathologies: congenital malformations, rhythm and conduction disorders, valve pathologies, heart failure, cardiomyopathies ... The cardiologist has three simple examinations to explore the heart: the electrocardiogram, the holter and the ultrasound. These explorations are painless and do not require any special precautions. They can be supplemented by stress tests. In 2019, there were 7,307 cardiologists in France. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual tour, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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