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Digital marketing for associations / Digital marketing for associations

There are just under 2 million associations in France, or nearly 12 million volunteers. This number continues to grow each year, and it is estimated to increase by an average of 2.4% per year. From this same lineage, we note that many employees wish to contribute to humanitarian and utility projects for society. Of course, these same employees could work for the public sector, but the competitive barrier often makes the task impossible ... On the contrary, working for an association is normally less difficult to access. In addition, the associative framework very often offers a more enriching human experience than working in a private company which focuses solely on turnover ... Associations therefore attract more and more talent. There are approximately 24% of associations in the field of sport, 23% in culture and entertainment and 21% in leisure. There are around 11% only employees in associations, so the remaining 90% are volunteers.

Does associative digital marketing really exist?

There are inevitably associations which have not yet crossed the course of digitization , but it is true that most associations have when even took the time to set up a website . The website often remains a major communication channel to present the purpose of the association and to collect donations. Indeed, for many associations the fundraising is the most important step that will support the association financially and therefore allow it to exist.

What about classic associative marketing?

In a very traditional way, associations will often call people by phone to present their association and invite to donate. This telephone telemarketing remains a classic of marketing associative and allows to generate part of the donations which make the associations live.

Another classic is very often the organization of events and the recruiting of donors < / strong>. These will go directly to meet people in a physical way (we can even talk about street marketing here). It is about presenting the association in one to one because it is always more pleasant to have the person in front of you. You have surely come across donation recruiters in the street who approached you in order to present you with propaganda and encourage you to make a donation ... It is true that this type of action can sometimes tend to annoy passers-by who do not 'don't necessarily want to be solicited, but this direct approach creates a real face-to-face dialogue and remains a close-knit approach which also has its interests.

So how do you get the most donations with associative digital marketing?

The The digital craze and the digitization of our societies have meant that associations are more and more active on the net. Indeed, beyond the website, associations are becoming more and more digital with the development of social networks, emailing, video, the organization of webinars, the collection of online donations , partnerships with influencers and bloggers, etc.
online advertising is also an important relay for some associations, because some of them benefit from an advertising budget offered directly by Google under the name Google Ads Grants . If your association is eligible for the Google Ads Grant program, then Google will give you 10,000 USD in free advertising each month to help you make yourself even more visible on search engines.


Find patrons with digital marketing?

digital marketing can also help you find < strong> patrons . Indeed, many large companies contribute to patronage and finance associations in order to help society. You can then see on the website of certain companies which civic commitments they have set up with which organization and association. In this context, we can then speak of B2B digital marketing because the association forges links no longer with individuals but with companies.

What is the largest French association?

The largest French association would be the Croix Rouge which is a humanitarian movement which brings together 97 million people worldwide and 52,000 volunteers in France. The Red Cross is a French humanitarian aid association founded in 1864 which fights against precariousness. Association law 1901, it is recognized of public utility. It helps the elderly, homeless, people with disabilities, children and families, the fight against exclusion, health ... the association also works internationally by providing assistance during emergencies and health crises in the area. long term. It therefore acts in many areas to help populations.

What minimum digital marketing for an association?

It is true that embarking on digital strategies can be time consuming and expensive. And you may not necessarily have the time to set up a website and set up a complex SEO strategy for your association or continually feed social networks, emailing, sms campaign, etc. In this case, we recommend that you at least list your association on Google Maps using Google My Business : this will ensure a minimum of visibility. In this context, our digital agency will be able to help you create and optimize the Google Maps file with in particular our virtual 360 ° photo service which will allow you to return the file your most optimal combination possible.
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