Marketing digital for your restaurant


Digital marketing for restaurants

Discover the best practices in digital marketing to boost the online visibility of your restaurant , café, bar, bistro, brasserie, rooftop, wine cellar, terrace, dance bar, bouillon, refreshment bar, cabaret, guinguette, rotisserie, palace, luxury restaurant, starred restaurant or any other gastronomic establishment. You probably want to have more customers who come to taste your dishes and cocktails. Many establishments with a culinary reach do not focus enough on investing in digital. They have often fallen far behind when it comes to digital marketing. For restaurants, the most important is often the geographic location, the reputation and the menu of the restaurant, ... The digital marketing part is often secondary or even incidental. So read carefully the advices recommended by our digital agency and in case of needs or questions, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for your free quote to boost attendance at your restaurant..

Digital marketing for your restaurant

There are many restaurants in Paris and Ile-de-France. But do you know how many there really are? Some websites are saying that they are about 12,000 Parisian restaurants ... Moreover, out of these 12,000, there are only 115 who have Michelin stars … Enough to offer you a wide choice of restaurants if you are a tourist and looking for a place to eat ...
However, because of the Covid , you guessed it: a certain number of restaurants have perhaps put the key under the door and will never reopen. Nevertheless, a large part of the restaurants are still there and are operating at full capacity ...

What about digital marketing? Have restaurants gone digital?

There are probably still many who do not bet on digital ... and on digital marketing , because some restaurants are so well placed geographically that the clientele flows in a natural way and they have nothing else to do… It is undeniable that the geographical location is very important to have customers in your restaurant.

Nevertheless, it is true that more and more restaurants have understood over the years that it is necessary to have at least one website and to be present on Internet. This is already a good start, even if there is still a lot to be done in this area ... But what good is it for a restaurant to be present on the internet? We often hear that 90% of Internet users first search online for the restaurant where they plan to eat ... These same Internet users will very often read the reviews of the former customers left on the Google page of the restaurant, in order to know if they will go there or not ... It therefore seems extremely important to have a good image online so as not to scare away future customers ... By giving as much information as possible about the specialties that you offer, the menu, the setting, the location of the restaurant, and highlighting the reviews of old customers, you can build the trust of Internet users and get more new customers.

The reality on the ground: digital and restaurants


of restaurant customers will first search online for information about the establishment before going there


of restaurant customers take a look at the establishment's website , i.e. just over half


of restaurant customers looked at reviews from past customers before going to the selected restaurant

So what should you do in terms of digital marketing for your restaurant? here are the advices of our digital agency:

have a website with at least one web page that presents its menu and the restaurant. Indeed, even a onepage is better than none at all.

for your website , we recommend that you do it at least in French and in English . Indeed, many tourists search online in English, because they rarely master the French language, which is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world ... Also, don't forget to mention the composition of your dishes, because sooner or later you will have customers who have allergies to certain ingredients… and this can help you avoid a bad incident.

if possible suggest online booking or appointment setting through your website or through a partner (like TheFork ) to save time for your future customers and not keep them waiting in front of the restaurant. This is greatly appreciated by customers.

In addition to your website, it seems essential to have a Facebook page

have an Instagram account

a Twitter account
have a page on TripAdvisor 
also have an account on Google My Business to manage your Google Maps card  because it is the first thing Internet users see when searching you online
finally take the time to respond to the reviews posted by your customers, and especially if they are bad, do not leave them unanswered ... If, on the contrary, you only have a good reviews, then do not hesitate to reply from time to time because it's nice and rewarding for customers who have thought about you ...

marketing digital restaurant

To go further in the digital marketing of your restaurant

you can do some online advertisement with Google Ads in particular. You will pay per click and you will be able to target your ads very precisely. A few euros per day may therefore be enough to be visible through this channel, and this may vary depending on your activity.

you can contact influencers and bloggers to talk about you online.

you can contact a videographer to make a short video presentation of your restaurant

you can contact a digital agency specialized in virtual like VirtuelTime and you can thus offer a virtual tour of your establishment on your Google Maps page, or at least a virtual photo of your restaurant that Internet users will see when they look for you online on Google Maps .

you can also start a blog to complete your website and you can there share various gastronomic news ...

As you know, future customers often take the time to take a look at your online reviews before deciding whether or not to come to your establishment, so this part is very important to you. If you were thinking of buying reviews from online sites, be aware that this is not a good idea because you will likely end up with unreliable reviews that will show up ... and Google automatically filters and hides these reviews. .

Finally we could still mention a lot of possibilities, especially if you offer the online booking of your meals. This could be accompanied by a merchant website and partnerships with mobile applications that offer to facilitate this ...

In any case, remember that your Google Maps card is the first thing people see when they search for you on the Internet. And our agency is at your entire disposal to help you optimize your presence as well as to complete your online card with virtual photos and virtual tours.

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