Digital marketing for hotels


Digital marketing for hotels

Digital hotel marketing: find out how to stand out from mobile apps like Airbnb. Discover the expert advice of our digital agency. Did you know ? There are said to be over 1,600 hotels in Paris. Among these 1,600 hotels, less than 100 would be 5 stars. This offers a wide choice of accommodation for tourists passing through the Parisian capital, not to mention the stiff competition from mobile applications such as Airbnb which has come to complicate the lives of Parisian hoteliers ... Indeed, Airbnb has been a great success in France. in recent years.

But why do customers go to AirBnb instead of the hotel?

The main reason would be the price which is more attractive there than a hotel. Indeed, the rates are more interesting for many reasons: among others, because the mobile application does not pay the cost of the employees of a hotel, nor a whole bunch of other ancillary costs ...
Many therefore speak of unfair competition compared to hotels and some would even like to ban the application in France, a bit like the Uber application which has come to compete with taxis ... and which has been around for a long time debate.

Conversely, what are the reasons why customers keep coming to the hotel?

We can mention various reasons, including the household that does not have to do and the assurance of having a clean room and premises , room service, etc.
There is also a greater feeling of security when you are at the hotel, the staff is always available in case of various needs ... You have a real guarantee of quality in terms of benefits. In addition, the hotels are classified by a star system which may give you comfort in your choice. You can select the quality level of the hotel according to your budget. Despite the real advantages of the quality of a hotel, it remains however undeniable that there are more and more customers who are being tempted by alternative solutions. The number of mobile app users continues to grow year on year. Perhaps hotels should also launch their own mobile applications to compete with this new low-cost accommodation format.

But then what should be done for your hotel? Is it still useful to do digital marketing for your hotel?

• The answer is yes: it is essential to continue to be present on the net. It is important to have a website that presents your hotel with its advantages and prices. Make life easier for your customers by offering them the opportunity to book their hotel room online in just a few clicks ... and save them as much time as possible.
• To complete your website, you must be present on social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter etc.) to enhance your hotel and highlight your establishment.
• To increase your visibility online, it makes sense to invest in SEO with online search engine advertising, not to mention influencers and bloggers who can also attract customers to you, as well as the many partner websites. like Kayak, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. A long-term job therefore to be put in place to be able to shine online.

This is all well and good, but how do you stand out from apps like Airbnb?

It is often said that it is not Airbnb that kills hotels but rather the lack of creativity and originality on the part of hotels , whose offer has not changed much for a very long time. So resting on its laurels is never good because innovation does not wait. It is therefore important to create desire.

So use digital marketing to highlight your strengths and differentiating elements, we can imagine a lot of things in the frame of a hotel to make it attractive:
All-you-can-eat buffet, starred restaurateur within the hotel, tourist guide available to customers, personal service, help for the elderly, massage, swimming pool, jacuzzi, cocktail on the hotel's rooftop, co-working room , etc. these are all things that Airbnb cannot necessarily put in place ... As a result, digital can be an excellent tool to highlight the respective strengths of each hotel as well as their offers special features, their originality, their advantages over Airbnb.


Thus, to the famous question: can the hotel room still compete with the authentic side of the charm of a Parisian apartment? We therefore think that this is possible, but it is probably up to the hotel to review its offer to be as appropriate as possible to customer demand ... and find the right report quality price which suits the greatest number ..

Finally, an essential element for the digital marketing of your hotel is simply your Google Maps listing. Indeed, many establishments have poorly optimized their GMB (Google My Business) file and our digital agency can help you to better exploit its full potential with in particular our virtual tour services, 360 ° photo and photosphere which allow your future customers to better project themselves in your premises. We can also help you optimize your file by advising you on best practices in this area. The price of our services is quite affordable and allows you to make your Google listing as optimal as possible to be as well referenced as possible on the net. So don't hesitate to contact us at and get your free quote.

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