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Digital marketing for luxury

Digital marketing for luxury

Whatever your industry, it's important to be online. Companies that sell luxury products are no exception to this rule. Indeed, many of them use digital marketing in its various forms: website, social networks, influencers, bloggers, etc. Luxury often cultivates mystery, rarity, storytelling, ... They often resort to original, daring strategies to distinguish themselves from others. Video is necessarily important because Internet users are looking more and more in video format ... and want to go even faster. The teasing aspect is recurrent to create the desire to own a luxury product like Rolex which often creates scarcity in its products ...
You may have known this already, but the luxury sector is not experiencing the crisis ... it is even experiencing excellent growth compared to other industries. The demand for digital luxury marketing therefore continues to grow as a result ... and the digital actions of major brands are multiplying.

What is the difference between digital marketing for luxury and classic digital marketing?

We can evoke a budgetary difference between companies selling luxury and other companies. Indeed, the digital advertising campaigns of luxury companies often have larger budgets than those of other companies. As luxury products are more expensive, it is normal to have larger budgets to support the digital marketing associated with these products. The more expensive the product, the more proportionately the marketing associated with the product can be.

In addition, you will more easily see commercials on television from big, well-known brands rather than small companies ... all of this supports the digital efforts of brands. Add to that the icing on the cake: companies selling luxury sometimes call on celebrities to promote their products ... All this has a huge impact on digital and on the number of visitors to certain brands' websites. . The marketing campaigns are therefore to think of 360 ° and the digital universe supports the global effort. All this is not necessarily possible for SMEs, start-ups, etc. The luxury world is therefore thinking big in terms of digital and marketing.

Did you know that already: many luxury brands have a website : Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, Gucci, Rolex, Cartier, Burberry, Prada, ... . (and many others) have been around for a long time. These brands are also present on social networks ... Luxury brands have often been supported for a long time by large digital communication agencies (and / or communication agency) to support them in their objectives of visibility and acquisition, branding, image and commercial issues. The budgets are important and the objectives bold, which befits the image of these brands.


What is the difference between a luxury website and a more classic corporate website? 

The UX (User Experience) and design are often more worked on than on other websites. Curves, colors and very refined aspects are required. You probably knew it, but black is the color of luxury . So don't be surprised if you see this color repeatedly on many luxury websites.

It's true that online, the customer loses the experience that is offered when he goes to buy in a luxury boutique . In a Hermès store, for example: the porter at the entrance, customer service, support, the unique decor of the store, the atmosphere, etc. are all elements that you cannot find online on the web.

Luxury is difficult to convey online on a website. There is no miracle recipe

We can by Against the observation that luxury brands are often moving towards CMS (content management system) more expensive than others like Salesforce, Adobe, etc. which are tools that often go further in terms of marketing automation. Going further with marketing automation , we very often see better use of CRM (customer relationship management) and emailing. Personalization is therefore often more extensive on these kinds of websites, but it is difficult to say if this concept really sells more or if it is enough to look pretty on the website. This 360 ° approach is very likely more efficient than a more traditional strategy. Other non-luxury companies use less sophisticated open source CMS (wordpress, drupal, prestashop, etc.) more.

Some brands are more advanced than others and some have innovation in their DNA, eg: " The L'Oréal group is an exception, since it is certainly one of the most innovators in the beauty sector. And its marketing strategy is no exception. "- Thinkwithgoogle </ span>

Some luxury digital marketing success stories

There are many, many success stories that could be cited. So here are a few.
As examples of digital marketing strategy in the luxury sector, we can cite Dior : the brand has joined forces with the music star Rihanna , who is four times more followed on social networks than Dior
Calvin Klein has signed an agreement with Justin Bieber , in particular to take advantage of the Canadian singer's subscribers on Instagram and Twitter, where his audience is up to 15 times larger than that of the brand.
Louis Vuitton would be the first brand to have released live on Facebook the parades of the Fashion Week ...

Burberry has decided to launch an exclusive campaign on Snapchat for 24 hours. Indeed, Snapchat or Instagram are tools that offer the ephemeral with stories (which is very popular with luxury brands because the ephemeral side helps them create scarcity).
The Chanel house has launched , a new Instagram account exclusively devoted to beauty . The purpose of the account was to share their unique vision of the world of beauty, makeup and their products.
Dior regularly presents models and Instagram celebrities on their social networks. Partnerships that bear fruit.


What to remember from digital marketing for luxury?

Although the luxury sector should normally have larger budgets for digital marketing, we find that many luxury companies are lagging behind in digital . Indeed, many luxury establishments: jewelry, fashion house, clothing, handbag, etc. have poorly optimized their page Google My Business : if you search for example on Google Maps, a store Channel in Paris, you will see on the Google page that no street view has been set online . Similarly, many prestigious establishments located on the Champs-Élysées (and / or Place Vendôme, Village Royal, Madeleine, Opéra, etc.) have not implemented any Google Street View , or 360 ° photo or virtual tour on the Google page. This tarnishes the image of its brands, which nevertheless have significant resources that should allow them to be ahead and not behind in digital marketing . However, the virtual format ensures a minimum of visibility and makes the highlighted establishment more visually appealing. If you are a big brand and you missed this step, then don't wait any longer to contact a digital agency like VirtuelTime. In this context, our digital agency can help you create and optimize the Google Maps file with in particular our 360 ° virtual photo service which will allow you to render your file as optimal as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact our agency if you have any questions or if you would like your free quote.

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fiche google optimale

10 good reasons to make a virtual tour

Still hesitating to go virtual for your business? Discover 10 good reasons to do a virtual tour

Like many other people, you may have heard anything and everything about the virtual, its usefulness and its uses. In this short article, discover 10 good reasons to invest in the photosphere which is directly visible on your Google Maps listing and which allows you to show online the interior of your store, establishment in virtual format. The user can look from all sides of the photo exactly like a Google street view.

Discover 5 good reasons to do a virtual tour

1 / I am modernizing my branding thanks in an innovative and virtual format. 2 / I complete my Google Maps file which was so far incomplete and gain some visibility points by line. Indeed, many companies forget to update and complete their Google listing to 100% and do not always know that it is necessary to contact a specialized photographer to create a photosphere of their establishment. 3 / I improve my online visibility and my SEO because Google classifies well-filled forms better. It is logical and simple but often forgotten by companies of all kinds who do not have a good grasp of digital. 4 / I offer a virtual experience to Internet users who are looking for me online. 5 / I reward my employees by allowing them to be visible in the virtual photo. For example, the salesperson of a store can be present in the photosphere and will give even more the impression of realism for the Internet user who will look at the photosphere online. It is therefore also an opportunity to verify the commitment of your employees. You don't normally need to bring in actors ... because you already have a staff.

bonnes raisons de faire du virtuel avec google
fiche google optimale

Discover 5 more reasons to do a virtual tour

6 / I animate my social networks in sharing my photosphere which is really cool and is causing a stir with my fans and followers.
7 / I am citizen actor and I allow people with reduced mobility (who cannot move) to explore my store in virtual format directly from home.
8 / I reassure my Internet users by showing in virtual format that my shop respects the rules for the protection of individuals in times of health crisis (such as covid, etc.). I take this opportunity to show the cleanliness and beauty of my shop to make Internet users want to come and visit me.
9 / I am making a digital investment super profitable because the virtual photo and / or the virtual tour that I upload to Google Maps stays online for life and there is no update fee.
10 / I show the world that I'm cool and up to date digitally and that my business is doing well because I invest in digital and experiential marketing. So I send a positive sign on my business to the world.

Listen to our podcast about 10 good reasons to do a virtual tour

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Gérald Mardirossian

About the author of the article : Gérald Mardirossian Digital Expert

Gérald is a high-level digital expert and a digital enthusiast. Having attended elitist establishments during his studies such as Henri IV and the Sorbonne, he is one of the over-educated individuals of his generation. Holder of diplomas in HR (Human Resources), digital communication and communication / semiology, he also has multiple accreditations from the largest companies in the digital world : Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Hubspot, Salesforce, CPanel University, United States Institute of Peace (USIP), Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information (ANSSI), etc. With many years of digital experience in different fields: associations, tourism, distributor, software publisher ... Gérald Mardirossian had the opportunity to work on both B2B and B2C issues. With many talents, he has already worked on web projects of various types, redesign, development, integration, modernization, website evolution, UX redesign, marketing automation, lead generation, outsourcing, emailing, etc. If you have a digital need or a project, you can contact us.


Few data about the author / Google Maps Photographer / Digital Expert

Gérald has been a member of the Google Local Guide community for many years as well as a certified member and expert on Google products, Google Maps, Google Street View, Google My Business, virtual tour, 360 ° photo, virtual photo event, wedding, real estate, etc.


Digital marketing for association


Digital marketing for associations / Digital marketing for associations

There are just under 2 million associations in France, or nearly 12 million volunteers. This number continues to grow each year, and it is estimated to increase by an average of 2.4% per year. From this same lineage, we note that many employees wish to contribute to humanitarian and utility projects for society. Of course, these same employees could work for the public sector, but the competitive barrier often makes the task impossible ... On the contrary, working for an association is normally less difficult to access. In addition, the associative framework very often offers a more enriching human experience than working in a private company which focuses solely on turnover ... Associations therefore attract more and more talent. There are approximately 24% of associations in the field of sport, 23% in culture and entertainment and 21% in leisure. There are around 11% only employees in associations, so the remaining 90% are volunteers.

Does associative digital marketing really exist?

There are inevitably associations which have not yet crossed the course of digitization , but it is true that most associations have when even took the time to set up a website . The website often remains a major communication channel to present the purpose of the association and to collect donations. Indeed, for many associations the fundraising is the most important step that will support the association financially and therefore allow it to exist.

What about classic associative marketing?

In a very traditional way, associations will often call people by phone to present their association and invite to donate. This telephone telemarketing remains a classic of marketing associative and allows to generate part of the donations which make the associations live.

Another classic is very often the organization of events and the recruiting of donors < / strong>. These will go directly to meet people in a physical way (we can even talk about street marketing here). It is about presenting the association in one to one because it is always more pleasant to have the person in front of you. You have surely come across donation recruiters in the street who approached you in order to present you with propaganda and encourage you to make a donation ... It is true that this type of action can sometimes tend to annoy passers-by who do not 'don't necessarily want to be solicited, but this direct approach creates a real face-to-face dialogue and remains a close-knit approach which also has its interests.


So how do you get the most donations with associative digital marketing?

The The digital craze and the digitization of our societies have meant that associations are more and more active on the net. Indeed, beyond the website, associations are becoming more and more digital with the development of social networks, emailing, video, the organization of webinars, the collection of online donations , partnerships with influencers and bloggers, etc.
online advertising is also an important relay for some associations, because some of them benefit from an advertising budget offered directly by Google under the name Google Ads Grants . If your association is eligible for the Google Ads Grant program, then Google will give you 10,000 USD in free advertising each month to help you make yourself even more visible on search engines.


Find patrons with digital marketing?

digital marketing can also help you find < strong> patrons . Indeed, many large companies contribute to patronage and finance associations in order to help society. You can then see on the website of certain companies which civic commitments they have set up with which organization and association. In this context, we can then speak of B2B digital marketing because the association forges links no longer with individuals but with companies.

What is the largest French association?

The largest French association would be the Croix Rouge which is a humanitarian movement which brings together 97 million people worldwide and 52,000 volunteers in France. The Red Cross is a French humanitarian aid association founded in 1864 which fights against precariousness. Association law 1901, it is recognized of public utility. It helps the elderly, homeless, people with disabilities, children and families, the fight against exclusion, health ... the association also works internationally by providing assistance during emergencies and health crises in the area. long term. It therefore acts in many areas to help populations.

What minimum digital marketing for an association?

It is true that embarking on digital strategies can be time consuming and expensive. And you may not necessarily have the time to set up a website and set up a complex SEO strategy for your association or continually feed social networks, emailing, sms campaign, etc. In this case, we recommend that you at least list your association on Google Maps using Google My Business : this will ensure a minimum of visibility. In this context, our digital agency will be able to help you create and optimize the Google Maps file with in particular our virtual 360 ° photo service which will allow you to return the file your most optimal combination possible.
Do not hesitate to contact our agency if you have any questions or if you would like your free quote.

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Digital marketing for doctor’s office


Digital marketing for medical practices

You probably know it, but the distribution of medical practices in France is a complex subject. We speak in some areas of medical deserts, while in some big cities, there is sometimes a very high concentration of medical offices in an unnecessary way .... We also often speak of heliotropism in this matter, because the sun always has attracted gatherings of populations in certain geographical areas, which caused significant imbalances in the geographical distribution of doctors in France ... In short, it is a complex subject. It is also mistakenly believed that medical practices do not necessarily need marketing or digital given the specificity of their profession. But this is not true, every practitioner deserves to have a website in order to highlight their specialties, services and medical expertise and also to facilitate the choice of future patients.

Either way, you may be the head of a medical practice and you may be wondering -being to do digital marketing for your firm?

Know that it is very interesting for a medical practice to do a minimum of digital marketing , especially today Today, websites dedicated to medical activities are booming. However, it is true that a large proportion of practitioners do not yet have their own website. However, there is a strong awareness of the value of being present on the web. The Covid crisis has also been an accelerator and pushed customers to go more online ...

There are many websites online for dental surgeons, sophrologists, cosmetic surgeons, etc. Certain professions are indeed more sought after than others on the internet. More and more websites of: chiropodist, osteopath, stomatologist, gynecologist are also starting to appear on the web ... It is therefore important to be online, and as for restaurants, medical practitioners benefit from a star system. Internet users can therefore leave opinions positive or negative in a public manner, which gives credibility to good practitioners ...

Medical practitioner: your online image matters

You thought it didn't matter? Well, you were wrong. Certainly for certain medical professions such as ophthalmologists in big cities like Paris, it is sometimes necessary to wait several months in order to have an appointment. In this case, this is an exception where patients will have no choice but to take the first one available. But for other professions, for example: dentists, it is interesting to be able to know more about your dental surgeon. Especially when you know that there have already been bad practitioners in the profession ... Offer visibility on your persona , on your services and your journey can reassure future patients who then have a wide range of choices ... and this is what can sometimes tip the scales in your favor.


But then, should you create a website for your medical practice or register only on Doctolib?

It is true that the Doctolib website has turned the digital ecosystem of the medical world upside down. Most Internet users would like to be able to find their practitioners on the famous website to save time, especially when you think that you sometimes have to wait several months to be able to consult an ophthalmologist ... You must therefore be able to book your appointment in line as quickly as possible. However, registering your practice on a site like Doctolib costs money monthly and you can in theory pay less by launching your own website with your own online booking.

Having your own website therefore has many advantages ...

Indeed, the website of the practitioner and the page contact in particular can become a real channel of communication between the patient and the doctor. For example, imagine that you forgot to ask your doctor a question: aren't you going to book an appointment just for a question? You would prefer to be able to send an email and have the answer within the day. So the patient-doctor relationship is in full digitalization and this digitalization process is likely to continue to develop in the coming years. We are really talking these days about the transformation of the patient-client relationship through digital ... Digital could, for example, make it possible to send an automatic reminder (automatic email) to your patients once a year to remind them that the last visit medical date already dated, and it is therefore time to come back for a new consultation. This could help prevent many medical problems. Digital can therefore really contribute to the health of patients and sometimes prevent serious health problems.


Our digital agency advices for medical offices

Finally, you may not necessarily have the time to set up a website and set up sets up a complex referencing strategy for your medical practice. In this case, we recommend that you at least list your firm on Google Maps using Google My Business : this will ensure a minimum of visibility. In this context, our digital agency can help you create and optimize the Google Maps file, in particular with our 360 ° virtual photo service which will allow you to make your file as optimal as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact our agency if you have any questions or if you would like your free quote.

Podcast Digital marketing for medical offices

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Digital marketing for hotels


Digital marketing for hotels

Digital hotel marketing: find out how to stand out from mobile apps like Airbnb. Discover the expert advice of our digital agency. Did you know ? There are said to be over 1,600 hotels in Paris. Among these 1,600 hotels, less than 100 would be 5 stars. This offers a wide choice of accommodation for tourists passing through the Parisian capital, not to mention the stiff competition from mobile applications such as Airbnb which has come to complicate the lives of Parisian hoteliers ... Indeed, Airbnb has been a great success in France. in recent years.

But why do customers go to AirBnb instead of the hotel?

The main reason would be the price which is more attractive there than a hotel. Indeed, the rates are more interesting for many reasons: among others, because the mobile application does not pay the cost of the employees of a hotel, nor a whole bunch of other ancillary costs ...
Many therefore speak of unfair competition compared to hotels and some would even like to ban the application in France, a bit like the Uber application which has come to compete with taxis ... and which has been around for a long time debate.

Conversely, what are the reasons why customers keep coming to the hotel?

We can mention various reasons, including the household that does not have to do and the assurance of having a clean room and premises , room service, etc.
There is also a greater feeling of security when you are at the hotel, the staff is always available in case of various needs ... You have a real guarantee of quality in terms of benefits. In addition, the hotels are classified by a star system which may give you comfort in your choice. You can select the quality level of the hotel according to your budget. Despite the real advantages of the quality of a hotel, it remains however undeniable that there are more and more customers who are being tempted by alternative solutions. The number of mobile app users continues to grow year on year. Perhaps hotels should also launch their own mobile applications to compete with this new low-cost accommodation format.


But then what should be done for your hotel? Is it still useful to do digital marketing for your hotel?

• The answer is yes: it is essential to continue to be present on the net. It is important to have a website that presents your hotel with its advantages and prices. Make life easier for your customers by offering them the opportunity to book their hotel room online in just a few clicks ... and save them as much time as possible.
• To complete your website, you must be present on social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter etc.) to enhance your hotel and highlight your establishment.
• To increase your visibility online, it makes sense to invest in SEO with online search engine advertising, not to mention influencers and bloggers who can also attract customers to you, as well as the many partner websites. like Kayak, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc. A long-term job therefore to be put in place to be able to shine online.

This is all well and good, but how do you stand out from apps like Airbnb?

It is often said that it is not Airbnb that kills hotels but rather the lack of creativity and originality on the part of hotels , whose offer has not changed much for a very long time. So resting on its laurels is never good because innovation does not wait. It is therefore important to create desire.

So use digital marketing to highlight your strengths and differentiating elements, we can imagine a lot of things in the frame of a hotel to make it attractive:
All-you-can-eat buffet, starred restaurateur within the hotel, tourist guide available to customers, personal service, help for the elderly, massage, swimming pool, jacuzzi, cocktail on the hotel's rooftop, co-working room , etc. these are all things that Airbnb cannot necessarily put in place ... As a result, digital can be an excellent tool to highlight the respective strengths of each hotel as well as their offers special features, their originality, their advantages over Airbnb.


Thus, to the famous question: can the hotel room still compete with the authentic side of the charm of a Parisian apartment? We therefore think that this is possible, but it is probably up to the hotel to review its offer to be as appropriate as possible to customer demand ... and find the right report quality price which suits the greatest number ..

Finally, an essential element for the digital marketing of your hotel is simply your Google Maps listing. Indeed, many establishments have poorly optimized their GMB (Google My Business) file and our digital agency can help you to better exploit its full potential with in particular our virtual tour services, 360 ° photo and photosphere which allow your future customers to better project themselves in your premises. We can also help you optimize your file by advising you on best practices in this area. The price of our services is quite affordable and allows you to make your Google listing as optimal as possible to be as well referenced as possible on the net. So don't hesitate to contact us at and get your free quote.

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