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Some blogs about cider. The origin of cider goes back to the dawn of time. We find traces of this "apple wine" among the Hebrews, Romans and Greeks. ... In Biscay (Basque Country) was consumed "Phitarra", a drink obtained from pieces of apples and honey boiled in water. Light and sweet, the taste of sweet cider approaches apple juice. Raw cider is less sweet, with a maximum of 28 g of sugar per liter, and generally has around 4 to 5% vol. Its distinctive flavor is accompanied by a thirst-quenching effect. Cider is also a source of sorbitol, a natural polyol that aids digestion by promoting bile secretion and transit. Finally, it is rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants found in certain fruits and vegetables that fight against the effects of aging. A drink that has it all! It is a way of consuming apples in a liquid way. Cider was a sovereign drink. Hippocrates already recommends all the benefits of "apple wine" a drink made from fermented juice which truly becomes cider during the first millennium. We owe its invention to the inhabitants of Biscay in northern Spain. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual tour, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Want To Join Our Market Team? May 23, 2022
    Haykin Family Cider is looking for new friendly faces to join our Market Team. We are looking for fun, dynamic, and excited apple enthusiasts to help taste and sell cider at farmers markets around Denver and Boulder and in our tasting room! If you like being outdoors, chatting with foodies, shocking people with how cool […]
    Talia Haykin
    What a crazy ride this year (these two years?) has been! We started to feel some normalcy this year, life started to come back a little bit. We are so excited so celebrate our fourth year with you in person again. It’s one of our favorite times of the year - getting to meet our […]
    Talia Haykin
  • Appalachian Apple Hunter June 22, 2021
    Here’s a fascinating article from Atlas Obscura about Tom Brown, an Appalachian apple hunter who has rescued 1000 varieties from disappearing! It’s an interesting piece that shows how important this work is and why we don’t have much longer to get information from our elders. Commercial orchards in the U.S. grew about 14,000 unique apple […]
    Talia Haykin

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    The 16th Annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, the world’s largest cider competition, was held in May and the results are in. We’re excited to share that Virtue Cider took home 10 medals for our ciders, including a Best In Class Gold for Dabinett. Here’s all of our ciders that came home with […]
    Virtue Cider (admin)
    This June, we released our latest Cider Society subscription box, complete with four bottles of Virtue Cider including Abeille, goldenhour, Les Fleurs Royales, and Papillon. The Cider Society Summer Box brings the glow of goldenhour, the scent of lavender and the taste of sweet, local honey right to your doorstep. Abeille is a cider with […]
    Virtue Cider (admin)
  • PRIDE IN WEST MICHIGAN June 12, 2022
    PRIDE in Holland, Michigan is a celebratory time of the wonderful, beautiful, and resilient members of the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.  This year, we have the privilege of hosting the Holland PRIDE Drag Show, an afterparty to Holland Pride, at Virtue Farm. Coming back for a second year, ​​the PRIDE Drag Show will feature […]
    Virtue Cider (admin)

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  • Interview series: MATT ON THE ENERGY OF UNCERTAINTY May 11, 2022
    The BRIX PROJECT interview series is a collection of conversations with the leaders of this three-year USDA-funded grant project.The BRIX PROJECT project shines a light on the power that partnerships between farms and restaurants have to shape the local economy. Brix is working with UW Madison for food sourcing analysis and outreach that can be […]
    Jonnah Perkins
  • Interview series: JULES ON WHERE ACADEMIA MEETS GRASSROOTS April 28, 2022
    The BRIX PROJECT interview series is a collection of conversations with the leaders of this three-year USDA-funded grant project.The BRIX PROJECT project shines a light on the power that partnerships between farms and restaurants have to shape the local economy. Brix is working with UW Madison for food sourcing analysis and outreach that can be […]
    Jonnah Perkins
  • Growing Apples through Unpredictable Spring Weather April 3, 2022
    Having lived in Wisconsin for a while now, I’ve become familiar with the infamous Wisconsin “false spring” - that period in late February or early March when the sun comes out and we get a hint of warm weather before, inevitably, the snow and cold return. This year, we had a few weeks in early […]
    Jules Reynolds

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  • Mill Farm Dinning Society & Twisted Cider May 9, 2022
    Mill Farm Dining Society with Chef Oli Kahan Join the Mill Farm Dining Society on Thursday, 19th May, for the very next event in the society calendar, ‘Let’s Get Twisted’! In partnership with our friends at Mill Farm, Chef Oli Kahan presents a beautiful menu designed with cider pairings in mind. Expect… The post Mill […]
    Twisted Cider
  • Local Spotlight: Cow & Apple December 6, 2021
    Aside from ensuring a consistent stream of quality South West cider varieties, here at Twisted Cider we are also heavily committed to upholding community values. The power and importance of community cannot be understated in the modern world, something we found out during the heart-warming local reaction to our devastating fire last… The post Local […]
    Twisted Cider
  • Celebrating Apple Day September 26, 2021
    It’s Apple Day on the 25 th of September and at Twisted Cider we love apples more than most. In fact, we go absolutely bonkers for apples, which is why our passionately produced South West cider is so tasty. Situated in Spring Farm, just outside Longburton in Dorset, the Twisted Cider HQ… The post Celebrating […]
    Twisted Cider

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