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Some optician and optician blogs: because having good eyesight is priceless. Glasses are an instrument to compensate for visual defects or to protect the eyes. A pair of glasses consists of a frame on which corrective or protective lenses are fixed and resting on the nose and on the ears by two branches. But who invented the glasses? Their invention is sometimes attributed to Abbas Ibn Firnas, an Andalusian Berber of the 9th century, known for having developed the technique of cutting rock crystal. The work of Alhazen, founder of physiological optics, around the year one thousand, gives a scientific basis to this technology. In France, three quarters of the population have a visual impairment and 44 million French people wear glasses, having to renew them on average every two years. [Les Echos] On the other hand 87.5% of Internet users declared having made an online purchase in the first quarter of 2019 alone. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual tour, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain: Tips and Techniques June 1, 2023
    How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain Tips and Techniques Whether for business, leisure, or communication, we spend much time in front of screens in today’s digital world. The disease known as digital eye strain, which is characterised by several uncomfortable symptoms, can be brought on by excessive screen usage. In this piece, we’ll look at […]
  • Prevent Heat Stroke: Essential Tips for Hot Weather Safety May 20, 2023
    How to Prevent Heat Stroke Essential Tips for Staying Safe in Hot Weather Heat stroke is a dangerous and occasionally fatal disorder that develops when the body’s internal temperature malfunctions. As temperatures rise, knowing how to safeguard against heat-related disorders, including heat stroke, is critical. This thorough guide looks at the causes, symptoms, prevention advice, […]
  • Soft Contact Lens Fitting: Ensuring Clarity and Eye Health May 18, 2023
    Soft Contact Lens Fitting The Key to Comfort and Clear Vision Soft contact lenses offer a convenient and comfortable alternative to glasses, providing clear vision without bulky frames. However, to fully enjoy the benefits of soft contact lenses, it is essential to undergo proper contact lens fitting. This comprehensive guide will explore the significance of […]

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  • 5 Eyecare Tips You Can Do At Home May 2, 2023
    Taking care of your eye health is important, keeping your eyes as healthy as possible for better eyesight and preventing any additional eye-related issues in the future.    No matter your age you should be taking care of your eyes just like you would the rest of your body. At Reynolds, we have found our… […]
    Marcus Slater
  • Why does hay fever give you itchy eyes? April 19, 2023
    Hay fever is an allergic reaction that affects nearly 18 million people in the UK every year. Commonly an issue during spring through to autumn, hay fever can cause its sufferers to not enjoy the months most commonly spent outside. Triggered by the presence of pollen in the air, a large number of people are… […]
    Marcus Slater
  • Can children wear contact lenses? March 22, 2023
    An increasing number of children are choosing to wear contact lenses over glasses for everyday wear. It is not uncommon for children to want the option of wearing contact lenses once they reach secondary school, with most patients opting to book fittings between the ages of 11 and 15.   This is not to say… […]
    Marcus Slater

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  • Varifocal Glasses in Longridge – Ideal Choice for Your Vision May 28, 2023
    Many people need one set of glasses for reading and another for walking or driving, yet, our varifocal glasses in Longridge can solve that challenge. Varifocal glasses combine different prescriptions into one seamless set of lenses. Varifocal lenses are designed to suit your posture when reading, walking, driving or doing other activities. These lenses have […]
    Paul Wellman
  • Cartier Glasses in Darwen – View Your World in Style May 21, 2023
    For exceptional eyewear, Cartier glasses in Darwen are a fabulous choice. Cartier is a top name brand offering excellent quality that exudes style. We’re happy to offer a stunning range of Cartier glasses. All the glasses, sunglasses included, that this company produces are recognisable by its signature ‘C’. Originally available only by special order to […]
    Paul Wellman
  • Professionally Fitted Glasses in Tarleton to Enhance Your Vision May 14, 2023
    Opt for professionally fitted glasses in Tarleton to protect your vision. Today, buying glasses has become a simple matter of clicking on a mouse. But this comes with its own set of problems. It’s a quick and easy process. You can enjoy making a selection from the comfort of your home. Many people look for […]
    Paul Wellman

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