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Understanding others is very important for better living in society. Psychology is a field that is often not sufficiently well assimilated in France and not sufficiently developed during school studies. A few notions of psychology do a lot of good for many people in their everyday life. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual tour, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Looking for Different and Better Outcomes? August 13, 2022
    How do you gauge success in your life? Are you generally happy with your work life, current health, nutrition, financial wealth, or personal life? Or, do you regret some choices, wish things were different, and want to change and improve? Many of us quickly give feedback to others (such as a Google or restaurant review) […]
  • Why It’s So Hard to Shake the Way People Make You Feel August 13, 2022
    In psychology, a “trapped prior” is a perception of reality that’s colored, or trapped, by past experiences. If not treated, trapped priors can turn into debilitating phobias. For instance, someone might have an overwhelming fear of dogs because they were bitten as a child. Though not nearly as extreme, our trapped priors can shape how we […]
  • Couples Who Don't Talk August 13, 2022
    Source: philm1310/pixabay Some couples simply don’t talk. Well, they talk mostly about logistics—who’s picking up the kids, what time are you getting home—or superficial matters—the how-was-your-day? They don’t have serious conversations—intimate ones about how they really feel and what is going inside them and in their lives—or about problems in the relationship. The reason? Generally, […]

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  • Posttraumatic Stress in Parents of Children Diagnosed with Cancer: Hyperarousal and Avoidance as Mediators of the Relationship between Re-Experiencing and Dysphoria July 29, 2022
    Open Access Peer-reviewed Research Article Emma Hovén , Lisa Ljungman, Marike Boger, Brjánn Ljótsson, Nicola Silberleitner, Louise von Essen, Martin Cernvall Published: May 17, 2016   Abstract Background Increased understanding of the relationships between different symptom clusters involved in posttraumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) could guide empirical research and clinical practice. The objective of the […]
    Andre Venter
  • Mental health among healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand July 25, 2022
    Open Access Peer-reviewed Research Article Chotiman Chinvararak, Nitchawan Kerdcharoen, Wisarat Pruttithavorn, Nongnuch Polruamngern, Thanin Asawaroekwisoot, Wanida Munsukpol, Pantri Kirdchok Published: May 20, 2022   Abstract Objectives This study aimed to measure the prevalence of burnout syndrome, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic disorders (PTSD), as well as examine their associated factors among Thai healthcare workers (HCWs) […]
    Andre Venter
  • Caring helps: Trait empathy is related to better coping strategies and differs in the poor versus the rich July 19, 2022
    Open Access Peer-reviewed Research Article Rui Sun , Laura Vuillier , Bryant P. H. Hui, Aleksandr Kogan Published: March 27, 2019   Abstract Coping has been extensively studied in health psychology; however, factors influencing the usage of different coping strategies have received limited attention. In five studies (N = 3702), we explored the relationship […]
    Andre Venter

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  • Keeping the Sparks Aflame: Preventing and Addressing Burnout in High School Student-Athletes July 8, 2022
    Student-athletes continuously navigate physical, psychological, and social demands including balancing academics and athletics, while striving to meet both internal and external expectations. Participation in athletics has numerous benefits such as mood enhancing effects, development of life skills (e.g., leadership, time management, resilience), and sense of belonging (Zuckerman et al., 2021). What happens, though, when these […]
  • "I Don't Feel My Best:" Suggestions for Overcoming Perfectionism May 18, 2022
    “I’m not feeling well today.” Truth or excuse? Or perhaps more accurately, a self-handicap? We have all probably done this, whether we realize it or not - we make an excuse before we even try out of fear or nervousness. This preemptive excuse-making is a way to protect our self-esteem and ensure that if we […]
  • 31-Day AASP Mental Wellness Challenge April 28, 2022
    To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month this May, AASP invites you to prioritize yourself by completing our 31-Day Mental Wellness Challenge: a series of daily tasks to bring mental health to the forefront of your mind and allow you to take a moment for restorative self-care. AASP will challenge you with a daily activity throughout […]

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  • Satisfy Your Soul, Not Society July 26, 2022
    Satisfy your soul, not society – I borrowed this title; it was a quote I saw on social media and it really resonated with me. I think this is not only my life’s ambition – to satisfy my soul, but it’s also why so many people are not happy and healthy in their lives. They […]
    Pinky Jangra
  • Finding Well-being in Nature July 25, 2022
    Introduction Contact with nature has long been thought to have positive impacts on well-being. In recent years this effect has been researched systematically. I hope to give you a brief overview of what has been found, discuss the mechanisms that might underpin these effects and talk about how you might use these findings to support […]
    Sarah Monk
  • Keeping Positive When You Are Not Well July 25, 2022
    I had just given my first ever group coaching event looking at wellbeing and resilience in the workplace when I came down with a short illness. Nothing serious, a chest infection that dragged on, leaving me exhausted and aching. The usual activities that frame my day and keep me happy went by the wayside. The […]
    Tracy Bevan

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