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Tampons are one method of absorbing menstrual flow during your period. Tampons are designed to be inserted into the vagina with or without an applicator. You may be surprised to learn that the FDA regulates tampons as medical devices. Tampons cleared by the FDA are meant to be used one time and then thrown away. Changing pads many times in a day is easier than tampons. Easy to use: Pads are easier to use than tampons. They are also especially great for overnight use. ... Studies show that the risk of developing TSS is lower in women who use menstrual pads, than in women who use tampons. The usual length of menstrual bleeding is four to six days. The usual amount of blood loss per period is 10 to 35 ml. Each soaked normal-sized tampon or pad holds a teaspoon (5ml) of blood . That means it is normal to soak one to seven normal-sized pads or tampons (“sanitary products”) in a whole period. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs : virtual tour, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Menstrual Product Options and Alternatives July 14, 2022
      There are a wide range of products available to meet the needs of menstruators and it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently used period products to help you choose the product that’s best for you!     1. Pads Menstrual pads, followed closely by tampons, are […]
  • Why You Should Track Your Period April 7, 2020
                  (Source: Pexels) Periods are a vital part of any woman’s life, so it’s important to know when they’re happening. Not only will tracking your period help you detect any irregularities, but it’ll also help you anticipate any symptoms—from headaches to mood swings. After all, the average American woman experiences […]
  • 7 Amazing Facts About Periods That Everyone Needs To Know April 9, 2019
    So you think you know everything there is to know about periods? Think again. No matter how clued up you are, there’s always something that slips through your radar, especially some of the more unusual facts and stats of menstruation. Below, we’ve gathered some of our favorite — and unexpected — period facts that we […]

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  • What your Period Tracking Apps won’t tell you (and might tell others) June 25, 2022
    In 2022, with there being an app for pretty much everything, it is not a surprise that millions of menstruators use period tracking apps. Also often used by those who are trying to get pregnant, some apps also give you an approximate date of when you would be ovulating or what phase of your cycle […]
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  • When Aunt Flo visits May 10, 2022
    Also referred to as the Arrival of Matthew Perry in Japanese, periods are a phenomenon that a menstruator is said to experience on an average of about 7 years in their lifetime. After doing some research, we’ve found 5 key physiological changes and effects that occur when Aunt Flo pays us a visit:  Stomach Cramps:While […]
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  • Is There Anything to Worry About Heavy Periods? April 30, 2022
    Are heavy periods affecting your daily life? Sometimes it is common to have heavy periods. Yes, in certain cases, you are likely to experience heavy flow periods. Some of these cases include – Getting periods for the first time After pregnancy (giving birth) During menopause (permanent stopping of periods) Fortunately, a lot of products are […]
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  • FY 2022 Annual Report April 5, 2022
    Menstrual Matters annual report for FY2022 The post FY 2022 Annual Report appeared first on Menstrual Matters.
  • Period Photography: Making the concealed visible March 31, 2021
    Guest blog by Britta Wiebe, co-founder of Vulvani Many of us internalise damaging menstrual/ gender myths to the point that we prefer not to touch, talk about, or even look at, our own menstrual blood. Instead, we make a big effort to conceal this healthy (and important) human experience. As if it does not even […]
  • Why do humans menstruate? December 31, 2020
    Mega myth #1- To 'cleanse' your body! Sexist societal taboos wrongly position periods as 'dirty' and sadly, this is what many people continue to be taught to believe [1]. For nearly a century we have known for sure that menstrual fluid does not typically contain any toxins, diseases, or 'bad' bacteria, and yet the myth […]

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  • Healthy Habits For Women: Summer Edition August 12, 2022
    Many of us look forward to the summer months all year round. Whether you’re looking forward to getting outside, swimming, or more exercise, many women tend to get caught up in the busyness that summer brings. Ultimately, we end up putting our healthy summer plans on the back burner, and before we know it, find […]
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  • What To Do When You Have A Particularly Painful Period July 30, 2022
    The world is full of health misinformation. You probably already know this. What you likely don’t know is how much this misinformation harms women. Common knowledge regarding birth control, menstruation, and hormonal health is often factually inaccurate and damaging to women’s health. The following will focus on one area of women’s health specifically: periods. In […]
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  • How To Maintain Your Sexual Health After 50 July 22, 2022
    Sexual intimacy is one of life’s great pleasures. It is also strongly associated with both physical and mental health. All too often, however, we imagine that only the young should be concerned with maintaining a healthy sex life. In reality, though, sexuality is an important aspect of life at any age. Sexual desire or enjoyment […]
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