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Because this Italian creation has shaken up the gastronomic universe. Pizza is one of the most popular dishes on the planet. For an affordable price and for all tastes: mushroom, tuna, tomato, cheese, Neapolitan, Sicilian, marinara, pepper, chicken, ham, queen, Regina, sausage, chorizo, spicy, parmesan, mozzarella, 3 cheeses, ... There really is something for everyone and you can customize them to suit your preferences. Students are among the populations that consume the most pizza because you can find them in big cities from 5 euros: an unbeatable value for money for healthier food than fast food like McDonald's or burgerking. So take pleasure in eating this Italian cuisine, practical, fast and efficient. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual visit, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Star Shaped Pizza! February 11, 2020
    Be The Star Of The Pizza Party! Looking to make your homemade pizza exciting? A star-shaped pizza is visually stunning as well as a classy way to improve the beloved stuffed crusted pizza. Impress your friends and family by presenting a dazzling star-shaped stuffed crusted pizza.    This simple recipe is one that will take […]
    Samuel Curran
  • Making Naturally Leavened Pizza Dough December 12, 2019
    Using Starter- Pizza Dough!  We all know you can buy pre-made pizza dough and make a lack luster pizza crust. It is time to level up your pizza game and make your own dough using your own starter. We have detailed instructions on how to go from a novice dough maker to a world class pizza […]
    Samuel Curran
  • Dill Pickle Pizza Recipe November 20, 2019
    Here at PizzaCraft® Pizza toppings have always been a super controversial subject. We have classic pizza eaters who usually stick to original toppings such as pepperoni and onions. Others adventure into the wild side with pineapples and macaroni and cheese. We saw a rather unusual combination making its way around the internet and decided we […]
    Samuel Curran

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  • By the Numbers: 5 Leading Pizza Industry Trends That May Surprise You February 23, 2022
    Restaurant operators are carrying the burdens of an industry in crisis. Many experts agree that the prevalent obstacles — higher food costs, more supply chain disruptions, labor challenges — aren’t likely to end anytime soon. They could, in fact, escalate. No one knows for sure. That’s not great news for operators, but it does present […]
  • Pizza Crust Types: Self-Rising and Par-Baked February 9, 2022
    Thick, thin, or somewhere in-between, the debate rages about which crust style makes for the perfect pizza. Self-rising and par-baked pizza crusts each offer unique characteristics that make for bold signature pies or tried-and-true menu selections, but the two pizza crust types are often confused. To help you leverage self-rising and par-baked crusts to your […]
  • 4 Ways to Manage Restaurant Supply Chain Disruptions Using Dough Balls January 26, 2022
    As unprecedented challenges continue to arise from the pandemic and its variants, restaurant supply chains are among those caught in the chaos. The struggle is real for all industries, but the foodservice and accommodations industry has been especially hard hit. The gap between available restaurant jobs and workers to fill them is staggering. An estimated […]

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  • The Best Veggie Supreme Pizza [recipe + video] June 15, 2022
    Look familiar? TNP's Veggie Supreme Pizza recipe is based on a certain pizza delivery chain's vegetarian pie . . . with a few twists to give it a fresher, more vibrant flavor. Follow the recipe for the most classic veggie pizza toppings, or feel free to play around with different vegetables and cheeses. Veggie Supreme […]
    Peggy Paul Casella
  • How to Use a Pizza Oven (Wood-Fired or Propane) May 26, 2022
    Just bought an outdoor oven, or thinking about building your own? In this article and video, I'll show you how to use a pizza oven, whether it's wood/charcoal-fired or propane, store-bought or DIY. Full disclosure: I am an Ooni ambassador, and I get a small commission if you purchase items using the affiliate links in […]
    Peggy Paul Casella
  • How to Make Thin Crust Pizza Dough [recipe + video] May 12, 2022
    If you like your pizza crust thin and crispy (or if you're looking for a quick dough recipe for busy weeknights), then you've come to the right place. This thin crust pizza dough is easy to make and only requires 15 to 30 minutes of resting time, which means delicious, from-scratch thin-crust pizza's on the […]
    Peggy Paul Casella

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  • A Pizza Place (And An Airbnb) In The Berkshires May 11, 2022
    I recently headed up to the Berkshires for a weekend of skiing and winter fun. What I didn’t realize was the Airbnb I booked was attached to a well regarded pizzeria. Pizzeria Boema (84 Main Street) is located on the main street (hence its address) of the sleepy town of Lenox, Massachusetts. Once my son […]
    I Dream Of Pizza
  • Saying Goodbye To Di Fara’s Dom DeMarco, A Pizza Legend March 21, 2022
    Anyone who knows me or has read this blog over the past 14 years is likely aware of the fact that Di Fara is my favorite pizza place in the world. In fact, a visit there in the early 2000s was one of the inspirations that led me to start IDreamOfPizza. So I was deeply […]
    I Dream Of Pizza
  • Eleventh Street Pizza: A New Spot In Miami (With $42 Pies) February 1, 2022
    Eleventh Street Pizza (1035 N Miami Ave) is a new pizza spot that is located in the non-gentrified outskirts of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. I’d been salivating over their pies on Instagram and made sure to swing by to check them out during a brief winter break getaway down South last month. What’s Unique: Eleventh Street […]
    I Dream Of Pizza

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  • Cooking on a Fire Pit: The Complete Guide April 13, 2022
    If you're in the mood for outdoor cooking, a fire pit can be a great option. Here's everything you need to know to cook or grill on a fire pit safely and successfully.  More Looking for great wood-fired recipes? Check out the best wood burning oven recipes here. Or visit us at
    Pam Wiselogel
  • Homemade Pizza Sauce: 15 Different Recipes to Try February 17, 2022
    Pizza is one of those foods that can be made a million different ways, with endless topping combinations. And while you can buy pre-made pizza sauce at the store, nothing beats the taste of homemade... Looking for great wood-fired recipes? Check out the best wood burning oven recipes here. Or visit us at
    Pam Wiselogel
  • How To Make No Rise Pizza Dough For Italian Pizzas April 5, 2021
    Learn how to make an original Italian pizza. In this post, Chef makes handmade pizza dough, shows how to roll it, and bakes pizza in wood pizza oven. Watch now! More Looking for great wood-fired recipes? Check out the best wood burning oven recipes here. Or visit us at
    Pam Wiselogel

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