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Some blogs about LGBT people. Because it is a social phenomenon which in fact existed since antiquity ... Sometimes poorly perceived by society, people from the LGBT community seem to integrate rather well into society ... The lesbian, gay movement , bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI +) refers to all movements and individual or collective actions that seek to change the social perception of sexual minorities, homosexuality, bisexuality and transidentity. It was in the 1990s that the acronym LGBT appeared. Homophobia is however real in many countries ... Certain districts are however quite progressive and are even known to be frequented by LGBT like the Marais in Paris. The French would be a little more respectful than in the past, but still full of stereotypes For your shop or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual visit, sponsored article, ... explore nos digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Saudi sisters found dead in Sydney ‘claimed asylum for sexuality and religion – but were denied’ August 13, 2022
    Two Saudi sisters found dead in Australia sought asylum for religion and sexuality, but their pleas for projection were reportedly rejected over lack of evidence. Australian authorities discovered the remains of Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23, on 7 June in the Sydney suburb of Burwood. Police found their bodies after carrying out a […]
    Maggie Baska
  • Wonder Women Lynda Carter recalls her first time at a gay bar: ‘It was hysterical’ August 13, 2022
    Lynda Carter, AKA the original Wonder Woman, spilled the tea on the first time she went to a gay bar. In the interview with GLAAD‘s Anthony Allen Ramos, Carter recalled when her friend, make-up artist Way Bandy, took her to a gay club during her time on Wonder Woman in the ’70s. “We pranced in […]
    Danai Nesta Kupemba
  • Nigerian police investigating gay dating app scam could prosecute victims August 13, 2022
    Police in Nigeria have urged users of a gay dating app who may have been scammed to come forward – but has so far refused to give victims amnesty from anti-gay laws. Six people were arrested in Nigeria on 31 July for allegedly extorting money from gay people they found on a dating app, the BBC reported. […]
    Danai Nesta Kupemba

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  • Monkepox: August 2022 August 10, 2022
    We are pleased to inform you that this week the NHS in Birmingham and Solihull will be receiving a supply of preventative monkey pox vaccine.   As the initial supply is limited, it will be offered only to individuals who self-identify as gay, bisexual, transgender, or otherwise having sex with men AND report one or […]
    Maria Hughes
  • Monkeypox: July 2022 July 26, 2022
    Key facts –  There have been a number of confirmed cases of monkeypox in the UK. Although monkeypox can affect anyone, the majority of those cases are among gay and bisexual men. – Monkeypox is transmitted through close contact, so is likely being passed on during sex rather than sexual transmission. – Everyone is being […]
    Maria Hughes
  • International Non-Binary People’s Day: 14th July 2022 July 13, 2022
    Here are some recommendations for finding positive non-binary representation on screen and on paper from Teddy, our Trans Wel lbeing Support Worker. Happy International Non-Binary People’s Day to all the gender non-conforming folks! To celebrate this day of recognition, we’ve put together some great Non-Binary representation in fiction and media.     Cal Bowman in […]
    Maria Hughes

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  • Finding Trans+ Friendly Healthcare Post Roe v. Wade August 11, 2022
    Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, many sectors of healthcare have been negatively affected. The implications of the decision — which impact far more than the issue of abortion — have disproportionately affected members of the transgender community in several ways. The post Finding Trans+ Friendly Healthcare Post […]
    Tyler Neal
  • How To Improve Your Mental Health During a Separation July 18, 2022
    Guest Article written by Jori Hamilton When you get married, commit to a commonlaw marriage, or go through a long-term relationship, the last thing on your mind is the potential... The post How To Improve Your Mental Health During a Separation appeared first on LGBT Life Center.
    Tyler Neal
  • From Surviving to Thriving June 27, 2022
    Miss Tee Tee didn’t always love her life. Before she came to the LGBT Life Center, she lacked the support needed to access resources and it left her feeling hopeless,... The post From Surviving to Thriving appeared first on LGBT Life Center.
    Tyler Neal

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  • Growing My Business August 3, 2022
    Growing My Business awhistler Wed, 08/03/2022 - 13:58 Name Anisha Musti Person Image Seventeen-year-old Anisha Musti started Q-munity with her cofounder, Pranav Nair, after attending a technology conference in Brooklyn, New York when she was just 14 years old. She learned about quantum computing, which is a complicated field focused on solving hard problems much […]
  • Empowering Women in the Workforce July 6, 2022
    Empowering Women in the Workforce awhistler Wed, 07/06/2022 - 12:18 Image A few years from now, my mornings will be completely different. Instead of leggings and a T-shirt, I will be wearing a white coat. Instead of doing homework, I will prepare and present the morning report to my coworkers. Tests won’t be on pieces […]
  • The Power of Lived Experiences June 30, 2022
    The Power of Lived Experiences awhistler Thu, 06/30/2022 - 18:26 Image As young people, we often try to strike a balance between “not being experienced enough” and a strong desire to take action and leave our mark on the world. This balancing act can apply to many aspects of our lives, such as writing an […]

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