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Hiring Recruitment Staffing HR Blog Here are some blogs around the theme of recruitment because it is a complex subject and which is very important for companies. Finding rare talent is a real challenge for recruiters. Attract talents, know how to keep them, perpetuate knowledge are all problems facing recruiters, HR managers, etc. So much so that certain jobs have emerged as Chief happyness officer, that is to say the one who ensures that employees are happy in the company and have not planned to go elsewhere because when an employee leaves a position, usually at a cost and it is not trivial. On the following blogs, you will find news on the world of recruitment, new ways of doing things, digital recruitment strategy, etc. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual visit, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Why your managers should spend less time training August 8, 2022
    Inside your recruitment business, your managers do heroic work that keeps everything moving. Every day, they help recruiters thrive in a million different ways – and each of those things takes time. Training is just one example. Getting the most out of a single recruiter is a full-time job in itself, let alone trying to […]
    Recruitment Juice
  • Why Recruiters leave – and what to do about it August 1, 2022
    It’s nothing new – the recruitment industry is renowned for churn and the challenge of keeping great recruiters forever. But with recent trends for flexibility, self-employment and mobility, it’s a problem that seems to be intensifying. The financial implications are significant. In recruitment, we’re all aware of the costs and complexity of sourcing new talent. […]
    Recruitment Juice
  • The Importance of SEO in Recruitment July 25, 2022
    Yes, the Great Resignation may be slowing down. But its consequences are not. In fact, it could be argued that the main change caused by last year’s trend is people’s willingness to take their career paths into their own hands. Even if that means being unemployed for a short time. Now, for recruiters, this means […]
    Sarah Kaminski

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  • Is your employer brand helping or hindering your recruiting efforts? August 4, 2022
    Do you know what your employees have to say about your business behind your back? What about your former employees and potential new hires – how do they talk about you as an employer? Did you know this contributes to your employer brand? Employer Branding is the combination of: How you market your company as […]
    Daniella Iljon
  • LiveHire’s Little Lifts: Recap 1 July 27, 2022
    Little Improvements with Big Impact. When you’re spending a lot of time in LiveHire, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. So throughout the year, our team takes time to gather feedback and observe users to build improvements that enhance your experience. With hundreds of product improvements released each year, here […]
    Solana King
  • LiveHire named High Performer Enterprise Applicant Tracking System by G2 Grid Reports June 23, 2022
    G2, a renowned peer-to-peer business software review platform, has recognised LiveHire, the total talent and recruitment software, as a High Performer in Applicant Tracking Systems, Enterprise Applicant Tracking Systems, Asia Pacific Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Software on their Summer 2022 Grid® Reports. Across the different categories, LiveHire was recognised for the quality of […]
    Daniella Iljon

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  • What Can the Show Severance Teach Us About Work-Life Balance? August 10, 2022
    Work-life balance — does it exist? In Episode 4 of the Hiring to Firing Podcast, Troutman Pepper Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs sit down with Debbie Epstein Henry, best-selling author, public speaker, consultant, and host of the Inspiration Loves Company podcast, to discuss the hit TV show Severance and lessons learned about work-life balance. Tune in to hear a... […]
    Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs
  • What Can Squid Game Teach Us About Confidentiality Agreements and Restrictive Covenants? July 19, 2022
    Why is confidentiality in the workplace so important? What employee information needs to be kept confidential? In Episode 3 of the Hiring to Firing Podcast, Troutman Pepper Partners Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs sit down with Richard Eskew, executive vice president, general counsel, and chief privacy officer of Accolade, Inc., to discuss the hit T.V.... […]
    Tracey Diamond and Evan Gibbs
  • WARNING: Fifth Circuit Concludes COVID-19 Does Not Meet “Natural-Disaster” Exception Under the WARN Act July 6, 2022
    Q. Have any courts addressed companies’ obligations under the WARN Act, particularly in light of COVID-19? A. Yes. Since COVID-19 was first confirmed in the United States more than two years ago, employers have faced many challenges, including, in some cases, the difficult decision to lay off or furlough employees. This decision has not been... […]
    Moses Tincher

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  • iCIMS July Insights Report: Ghost in the Hiring Machine August 9, 2022
    Like thermostats across the country this month, the talent market remains on fire, despite reports of lay-offs and predictions of slowdowns.   ​  Job seekers continue to hold the power and evolve their behavior, keeping employers on their toes. Two in five reported they ghosted an employer because of a poor experience during the hiring process. ​  ​  They also […]
    Michelle Andujar
  • How ATS job advertising helps iCIMS customers overcome today’s hiring challenges August 9, 2022
    iCIMS Summer ’22 Release is full of new features that can improve your hiring agility and help you optimize talent acquisition and retention. One feature that we’re very excited to introduce is integrated job advertising – right within the ATS. Why integrated job advertising is so important right now According to the iCIMS Insights June […]
    Michelle Andujar
  • I want it that way: Gen Z talent reveals what they want from employers August 2, 2022
    What is the future of work? It’s getting harder to predict in this ever-evolving business landscape. But if the expectations of recent college graduates are any indication, the struggle is about to get real.   Entry-level hiring is on the rise with 54% of HR professionals saying they’re hiring more than last year however, some of […]
    Michelle Andujar

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