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  • Sadibou Sy is Training For PFL Gold — and a Cool $1 Million August 12, 2022
    At age 35 Sadibou Sy is completely chill in Cardiff, Wales, a few days prior to fight night. This Saturday, however, all of his training, explosive power, and will-to-win shall be put to the test as he hopes to become one step closer to claiming the Professional Fighters League Welterweight Championship, and a cool $1 […]
  • Rise Nation Founder Jason Walsh Gives a Peek Inside His Gym Bag August 12, 2022
    Jason Walsh is an LA-based trainer who’s trained the likes of Matt Damon, Miles Teller, Brie Larson and Bradley Cooper for some of the most physically demanding roles of their careers. He’s also the founder of Rise Nation, which began in 2014 with the concept being to train like an athlete while working smarter, not […]
  • Bob Cicherillo Sets the Rep Role Record Straight on ‘The Menace Podcast’ August 12, 2022
    Every sport has that announcer that serves as the “voice.” It could be a ring announcer, commentator, or analyst, but when you say the name of a sport, you can hear that voice in your head immediately. In the world of professional bodybuilding, that voice is none other than Bob Cicherillo. “Bob Chick” has been […]

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  • To Stick To A Program…Or Not; That Is The Question. April 2, 2022
    You’ve probably heard or read something along the lines of this before in many aspects of life: if you do the baseline requirements, you’ll reap at least some of the rewards. Now, in training, in diet, in body re-compositions, in strength pursuits this is no different. So: simply showing up to the gym may be […]
    David McGuire
  • Why Stretching a Tight Muscle Won’t Improve Your Performance January 27, 2021
    We’ve all heard it before, “you should stretch after you work out, so you don’t get ____” (either sore, injured or both). But does this actually do anything? Does stretching actually do anything? Before we go any further, I do want to preface that yoga does have its place, foam rolling and soft tissue release […]
    David McGuire
  • How to Avoid Injuries When Returning to the Gym August 3, 2020
    Hey Smart Fitness Family!Today, we’re going to be discussing injuries. Why they happen, and what you can do to moderate them. As of this moment in time, in writing this blog, most of the world has been able to enter gyms again-albeit with changes to their current structure. Either wearing masks, cleaning equipment, booking time […]
    David McGuire

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  • How to Find the Perfect Footwear for the Gym July 28, 2022
    In the fitness world, your comfort, support, and success start from the ground up – or should we say soles up! Now is a great time to evaluate the most crucial part of your fitness wardrobe: Your shoes. The post How to Find the Perfect Footwear for the Gym appeared first on Anytime Fitness.
    Anytime Fitness
  • The Ultimate Father’s Day Fitness Gift Guide​ June 16, 2022
    Is it Father’s Day already?? We know shopping for that dad or father figure in your life can be tricky so we’re here to help. The post The Ultimate Father’s Day Fitness Gift Guide​ appeared first on Anytime Fitness.
    Anytime Fitness
  • Mother’s Day Countdown: Brunch is Served! April 21, 2022
    It's almost Mother's Day! And there's no better way to celebrate that special lady than some quality time around a homemade brunch. There's no better way to celebrate that special lady than some quality time around a homemade brunch. Only Mimosas not included... Or should we call them Mom-osas? The post Mother’s Day Countdown: Brunch […]
    Anytime Fitness

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  • Burn Fat, On the Beach June 28, 2022
    Take advantage of the warm weather and get your sweat on outdoors. The post Burn Fat, On the Beach appeared first on STRONG Fitness Magazine ®.
    STRONG Fitness Mag
  • 5 Foods That Help Reduce Stress June 28, 2022
    Break the cycle and feel energized with these five foods that help reduce stress The post 5 Foods That Help Reduce Stress appeared first on STRONG Fitness Magazine ®.
    Jenn Pike
  • Clean Frozen Treats for Summer June 28, 2022
    Beat the heat with these simple recipes The post Clean Frozen Treats for Summer appeared first on STRONG Fitness Magazine ®.
    STRONG Fitness Mag

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