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Some blogs that talk about the coronavirus, the pandemic, the health crisis but also medical research because it is important to be aware of the latest research advances and, as they say, health is priceless . So don't hesitate to invest in masks, hand gel and wash regularly as recommended. To fight against covid, do not forget to: Wash your hands regularly or use an alcohol-based solution, Cough or sneeze in your elbow or in your handkerchief, Blow your nose in a disposable handkerchief and then throw it away, Wear a mask when the distance of one meter cannot be respected and wherever it is compulsory, Respect a distance of at least two meters with others, Limit social contacts as much as possible (6 maximum), Avoid touching your face , Air the rooms for 10 minutes, three times a day, Greet without shaking hands and stop hugging, etc. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual visit, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • Q&A: Long COVID Studies May Help People With ME/CFS August 5, 2022
    Q&A: Long COVID Studies May Help People With ME/CFS Published: August 8, 2022Long COVID shares symptoms with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Learn More
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  • Studying Long COVID Might Help Others With Post-Viral Fatigue Ailments August 3, 2022
    Studying Long COVID Might Help Others With Post-Viral Fatigue Ailments [email protected]… Wed, 08/03/2022 - 15:17 Page Header Studying Long COVID Might Help Others With Post-Viral Fatigue Ailments Select a TopicAgingAlcoholAutismBloodBrainCancerChildrenClinical GuidelinesDietary SupplementsFirst RespondersHeartInfectious DiseasesLong COVIDLungsMIS-CMental HealthMinoritiesNervous SystemNutritionOral HealthPregnancySubstance Use Article Highlights Long COVID shares symptoms with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). NIH researcher Avindra Nath, […]
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  • Activating Immune Cells to Fight COVID-19 August 1, 2022
    Activating Immune Cells to Fight COVID-19 Published: August 2, 2022Experimental vaccines activate T cells to fight SARS-CoV-2 variants, mouse study shows Learn More
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  • “I couldn’t control myself…I was just thinking ‘I’m losing my mind.’” March 23, 2021
    “I couldn’t control myself… I was just thinking ‘I’m losing my mind.’”Documentary photographer Ivan Agerton started experiencing psychotic symptoms in mid-December, after a mild case of Covid-19. He had trouble sleeping, bouts of paranoia, and auditory hallucinations, the New York Times reports. Agerton shared his story to raise awareness about the condition, which is rare but […]
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  • ‘There are thousands of variants of SARS-CoV-2 circulating in the population, and only a handful… March 18, 2021
    ‘There are thousands of variants of SARS-CoV-2 circulating in the population, and only a handful are ‘variants of concern’.”A handful of coronavirus variants have become household names during the pandemic, including B.1.1.7, the so-called U.K. variant, and B.1.351, the South African variant. There are many others. Variants arise because viruses naturally mutate when they replicate, […]
    Coronavirus Blog Team
  • “After all, as viruses couldn’t live without a host, a dead host is a dead-end for viruses. March 17, 2021
    “After all, as viruses couldn’t live without a host, a dead host is a dead end for viruses. So, what’s the point of killing the host quicker?”Research published in February in the science journal BMJ showed that people infected with the B.1.1.7 variant of the coronavirus, which was first identified in the United Kingdom, are […]
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  • What is coronavirus? The different types of coronaviruses July 7, 2020
    **What is coronavirus?** Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illness in humans and animals. Seven different types have been found in people, including those responsible for the SARS, MERS and COVID-19 epidemics.Early reports suggest the new virus is more contagious than the one causing SARS but less likely to cause severe symptoms. There […]
  • Disinfecting surfaces for coronavirus: Does it reduce infection? July 7, 2020
    While scientists work to identify therapeutics and [vaccines to protect us against SARS-CoV-2](../../section/vaccination-diagnosis-treatment/), the most effective method of controlling the spread of the virus is through good hygiene and decontamination practises. So, does **disinfecting surfaces** for coronavirus work for disease control and prevention?Coronaviruses are made up of RNA and proteins that are surrounded by a […]
  • Coronavirus seasonality: Is the spread likely to vary? July 7, 2020
    When designing public health responses to COVID-19, it is valuable to know whether transmission of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will vary seasonally, as occurs with other respiratory diseases such as influenza.Scientists have attempted to answer the question of **coronavirus seasonality** by studying the transmission dynamics of other human coronaviruses and by analysing the effect of […]

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