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Some blogs that talk about bodybuilding, because doing sport is good for your health. Bodybuilding has such great and healthy impact on muscle, bones and joints. Bodybuilding keeps your body and muscle strong and flexible. Bodybuilding and weight training can definitely help you with osteoporosis and arthritis. These health benefits of weight training and aerobic exercise are already well known. Lifting weights for bodybuilding has obvious benefits too, says Dr Condo. "It's getting people active, it's getting people building muscles and reducing fat, which we know benefits cardiovascular health, bone health," she said. Include a variety of nutrient-rich foods across and within all the food groups in your diet. Avoid or limit alcohol, foods with added sugars and deep-fried foods. In addition to your diet, whey protein, creatine and caffeine can be useful supplements. For your business, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs ... explore our digital services and ask for your free quote.

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  • How Does Hormone Therapy Work? August 11, 2022
    Aging adults often experience hormone imbalances that may be corrected with hormone therapy. Here's how it works. The post How Does Hormone Therapy Work? appeared first on BodyLogicMD.
    Karla Socci Somers
  • 4 Lifestyle Changes You Need to Consider at 60 August 8, 2022
    As we age, it's important to assess our lifestyles and make changes where necessary. Discover essential lifestyle changes you need to consider at 60. The post 4 Lifestyle Changes You Need to Consider at 60 appeared first on BodyLogicMD.
    Karla Socci Somers
  • Common Causes of Fatigue and How to Treat It August 4, 2022
    Fatigue has a significant impact on your day-to-day life. Discover tips for determining what’s causing your fatigue and the keys to managing it. The post Common Causes of Fatigue and How to Treat It appeared first on BodyLogicMD.
    Karla Socci Somers

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  • How To Get A Wider Back Science Explained November 30, 2021
    How can you grow a wider back? In this post, I’m going to breakdown how to properly train the back for width based on the muscle functionality. Just like many other gym goers, the one thing that I really wanted to achieve when I first started lifting weights was to get a wider back. If…  […]
    John Gregory
  • How To Build Bigger Biceps – Optimal Training November 21, 2021
    As I mentioned in the post “How to Get Bigger Arms“, the biceps muscle is responsible for about 25% of the muscle mass in your arms. The rest is made up of your brachialis and triceps. With the triceps making up over 52% of the muscle mass in your arms. While the biceps is obviously…  […]
    John Gregory
  • How To Get Bigger Arms | Science Explained November 14, 2021
    Probably one of the most sought after goals in the gym is building bigger arms. They’re a signature of strength and muscularity. And the second most attractive part of the body according to research (resource). So, how do you get bigger arms? You just lift heavy and eat enough protein, right? Well, if it were…  […]
    John Gregory

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  • Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Review October 7, 2021
    Until fairly recently, protein powder was marketed to a very specific demographic: men who read bodybuilding magazines, could quote scenes from Pumping Iron verbatim, and would happily bathe in a bucket of badger shit if it meant adding an extra inch to the circumference of their bicep. These days, protein supplements have achieved mainstream appeal, […]
  • The bodybuilding illusion and how to get strong and conditioned May 9, 2021
    Fitness is now playing out like a scene from Fantasy Island. The images that pummel your eyeballs on social media, while intoxicating, are about as authentic as a Lance Armstrong interview on sportsmanship. Young men, juiced up like genetically modified watermelons, ‘flexing’ with all the grace of a catamite that has endured Caesar’s civil war, […]
    Lee Hazard
  • The world’s worst fitstagram accounts April 14, 2020
    Thanks to its vainly visual nature, Instagram provides the perfect habitat for thousands of self-obsessed buff bods. Like a digital alternative to posing in Amsterdam shop windows, these preened and polished plebs love nothing more than taking to the grid to display their abs under the pretence of motivating others to get fit. But, like […]
    Becky Kleanthous

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  • Steroids en Bodybuilding? 8 Gevaren en 5 Alternatieven August 1, 2022
    Als je al een lange tijd traint in de sportschool of actief bezig bent met bodybuilding, heb je misschien een plateau bereikt, waardoor je niet langer de spiergroei ziet die je graag zou willen hebben. Veel bodybuilders kiezen er op dat moment voor om over te gaan op steroïden om de boost te krijgen die […]
    Glenn Goossens
  • Wat is de beste sapkuur om vet te verbranden? July 14, 2022
    Bodybuilders zijn op zoek naar een zo laag mogelijk vetpercentage en zoveel mogelijk spieren. Het is een behoorlijke kunst om dat voor elkaar te krijgen. Gelukkig is er inmiddels veel wetenschappelijk onderzoek gedaan en is er veel kennis beschikbaar. We weten bijvoorbeeld dat een sapkuur volgen een mooie manier is om vet te verbranden. Heb […]
    Glenn Goossens
  • Bodybuilding en Gyno? Wat Is Het en Hoe Kom Je Er Vanaf? July 1, 2022
    Gynaecomastie, afgekort gyno, is ongewilde borstvorming bij mannen. Deze aandoening wordt veroorzaakt door een hormonale disbalans die kan leiden tot opgezwollen mannelijk borstweefsel. Gyno kan meerdere oorzaken hebben, maar komt met name veel voor bij bodybuilders die anabole steroïden of andere vrij verkrijgbare hormoonsupplementen hebben gebruikt. Zelfs als het gebruik van steroïden stopt, kan gyno […]
    Glenn Goossens

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  • Ketosis from Keto: The Negative Side Effects of Keto That No One Talks About August 11, 2022
    Everyone knows the keto diet can be hard, but few people know about its negative side effects. Read on to learn about the side effects of keto. The ketogenic diet has been around since the 1920s. From fat loss to improved glycemic control and better health, its benefits are backed up by science. But is […]
  • 7 Weight-Loss Sins that Condemn You to Fat Hell (Repent Now!) August 10, 2022
    Are you committing the unforgiveable sins of the weight-loss world? See the light before it’s too late and become born again as a slimmer, sexier you. Quick Navigation The Road to Tasty TemptationGET BIGGER, LEANER STRONGER#1. Cheating Yourself on Your Calorie Count#2. Wimping Out on Your Exercise Regime#3. Hopping from Diet Plan to Diet Plan#4. […]
  • How to Lose Weight Fast: 7 Simple Steps, Based on Science August 9, 2022
    Thanks to today’s amazing technology, shedding pounds is easier than ever. Discover how to lose weight faster by leveraging scientific knowledge and advances. Quick Navigation A Scientific Approach to Losing WeightGET BIGGER, LEANER STRONGERA Wealth of Information#1. Pack in the Protein#2. Take You Time#3. Keep a Journal#4. Increase Your Calcium#5. Be Big on Breakfast#6. Get […]

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