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Some blogs that talk about beards and barbers because it is a real fashion trend. The profession, still obsolete in France a few years ago, is experiencing a revival thanks to young enthusiasts ... The number of salons has exploded, it has been multiplied by three. Barber shops are back in fashion. More and more barber shops are opening in France. Where does the beard come back in force? Born ten years ago in Australia, the Movember movement has been igniting powder in France since 2012. ... It's even a fashion trend: hipsters would not be hipsters without their rather long beards but still very neat. When the fashion of the beard becomes general, it goes with the virility. While a big beard could also be considered a sign of hardiness. For your store or establishment, do not hesitate to contact our expert digital agency for all your digital needs: virtual visit, sponsored article, ... explore our digital services : virtual visit for showroom, 360 ° photo, panorama, virtual solution and ask for your free quote.

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  • 5 Men's Skincare Myths Debunked May 15, 2023
    In the world of skincare, there are countless myths and misconceptions, especially when it comes to men's skincare. This article aims to debunk five common men's skincare myths and provide accurate information to help you make informed decisions about your skin's health.More
    Nicholas Karnaze
  • The Beard Balm Revelation: What Does Beard Balm Do? May 8, 2023
    You've probably heard the term "beard balm" thrown around, but what does beard balm do, really? Fear not, my bearded friends, for we are about to unravel the mystery of beard balms and their benefits. Unveiling the Enigma: What Is Beard Balm? Beard balm is a grooming product specifically designed to nourish, moisturize, and style […]
    Nicholas Karnaze
  • Exfoliate for Men: Unveiling the Secret to Great Skin May 1, 2023
    Discover the importance of exfoliation for men's skincare. Learn tips on how to exfoliate, frequency, and our top pick: Probiotic Face + Beard Charcoal Sugar Scrub.More
    Nicholas Karnaze

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  • How to Fix Your Patchy Beard May 31, 2023
    Having a patchy beard is not the end of the world. But, we get it—your patchwork beard isn’t shaping up to look like one of those thick, burly beards you see all over the internet, and it has you wondering what you can do to take your beard from struggling to strong. The reality is […]
    Mike Lawson
  • The Definitive Guide to Mustache Styles May 16, 2023
    The much-maligned mustache has found itself relevant again thanks in part to Movember and the cyclical nature of facial hair trends. Look, we love beards at Beardbrand, but the mustache is damn cool. There’s always been a spirit of rebellion behind itMore
    Mike Lawson
  • Sea Salt Spray: The Pros and Cons May 15, 2023
    Few hairstyling products have garnered as much attention over the past year as sea salt spray — and for good reason. The biggest style trend to emerge in the 2020s is that everything is loose and flowing. Shirts have gotten bigger and boxier, denim has gone back to more relaxed cuts, and pleated trousers are […]
    Mike Lawson

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  • All About BEARDS For Twenty-seven Years January 18, 2023
    Why advocate for beards? I’ve been making the case in favor of beards online since launching All About BEARDS on January 17, 1996. It might be considered an unusual cause to support. But it’s a worthy cause, an important cause. That’s because beards mean a great deal to men who grow them. Beards also mean […]
  • Tom’s Top-notch Beard November 4, 2022
    A career-boosting, first-rate beard! Think beards are bad for that “professional” look? Think again as you read on. All About BEARDS proudly welcomes Tom to our featured beards section! Sometimes unlikely beard growers become the strongest beard supporters and beard role models. Tom is a great example. Learn how a serious injury sent Tom on […]
  • What bearded men should know about boots June 2, 2022
    The right boots add a manly accent to your overall appearance.  Let’s look at some of the major types of men’s boots and even consider how your beard and your boots may complement one another.

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  • Why Switching to Natural Beard Oil is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Facial Hair June 2, 2023
    Why Switching to Natural Beard Oil is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Facial Hair Growing a thick and lustrous beard takes time, patience, and the right grooming routine. While there are countless products available in the market that claim to enhance the growth and texture of your facial hair, nothing beats the […]
    Dylan Yazel
  • The Benefits of Using Organic Beard Products for a Healthier, Fuller Beard June 2, 2023
    The Benefits of Using Organic Beard Products for a Healthier, Fuller Beard As men, we often pride ourselves on the fullness and health of our beards, but have you ever stopped to consider what products you are using to maintain it? Many popular beard care products on the market are filled with harmful chemicals that […]
    Dylan Yazel
  • From Patchy to Perfect: How to Grow Your Beard with Confidence May 31, 2023
    From Patchy to Perfect: How to Grow Your Beard with Confidence Growing a beard is an art, and not everyone can master it. It takes time, patience, and effort to achieve the perfect beard that exudes confidence and style. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced beard grower, you know that the journey from patchy […]
    Dylan Yazel

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