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  • Do Supplements Actually Do Anything? August 10, 2022
    It seems like ads for supplements are everywhere these days. I’m sure you’ve been wondering if the supplements are helpful…or more of a hoax? Many of our clients come to us with a long list of supplements they are taking. Most aren’t even sure whether or not they are doing anything. Tune in to the […]
  • One-Pot Arroz con Pollo August 8, 2022
    Juicy cuts of chicken get cooked alongside rice, onion, tomatoes and broth in this irresistible one-pot dish that pulls inspiration from the Puerto Rican arroz con pollo. For added fiber, brown rice stands in for the white rice typically used. You find more details about this recipe at One-Pot Arroz con Pollo The post […]
  • Make-Ahead Freezer Breakfast Burritos with Eggs, Cheese & Spinach August 8, 2022
    Mornings just got easier with these satisfying breakfast burritos made with eggs, spinach, serrano peppers and cheese. These burritos can last for months in the freezer and reheat within minutes in the microwave, so keep a stash on hand for when you need a quick, healthy breakfast. You can find more details about this recipe […]

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  • How to Make a Quick Healthy Weeknight Dinner July 19, 2022
    Looking for some quick and healthy dinner ideas for when you don’t feel like cooking? I’ve got you covered. You know the drill – it’s late. You’re tired. You don’t feel like cooking. Maybe this means you end up having cereal for dinner, or hitting the drive through on the way home, or just having […]
  • Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh vs. Sunbasket February 22, 2022
    Wondering how some of the meal kit services compare, specifically Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh vs. Sunbasket? Here is my full review!  My husband Matt and I have tried a bunch of the meal kit recipe delivery companies and basically can’t live without them now – we use one every single week and have done so […]
  • Health Benefits of Seafood (+ Recipe Ideas!) October 26, 2021
    As you guys already know, I am a huge fan of seafood. In addition to being extremely nutritious, fish can also make dinner really quick and easy. To celebrate National Seafood Month this October, I wanted to share the many health benefits of seafood – plus delicious recipe ideas to try! Please click here to […]

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  • How To Save Money On Groceries: A Comprehensive Guide June 5, 2022
    By: Tiffany Thai, BSc, MPH, RD, Julie Mancuso, founder & owner of JM Nutrition, registered dietitians and nutritionists at JM Nutrition   In this post: Tips and strategies that show how to save money on groceries Selecting where and how to do groceries to save money How to grocery shop... The post How To Save […]
    Julie Mancuso
  • Cortisol Lowering Foods and Supplements For Stress Management May 18, 2022
    By: Maude Morin, MAN, RD, registered dietitians and nutritionists at JM Nutrition   In this post: Overview of cortisol and stress Diet and cortisol connection Foods that increase cortisol Cortisol lowering foods that reduce stress Stress and mood connection Supplements that relieve stress Meals for stress relief   Before we... The post Cortisol Lowering Foods […]
    Julie Mancuso
  • Why is Drinking Water Important and How Much Water Should You Drink April 13, 2022
    By: Julie Mancuso, founder & owner of JM Nutrition, registered dietitians and nutritionists at JM Nutrition, Ahsan Zaman, Public Health Consultant   In this post: Why is drinking water important? Benefits of drinking water Dehydration symptoms How much water should you drink? Factors that affect water consumption   Why is... The post Why is Drinking […]
    Julie Mancuso

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